Your custom MyEcoBiomeTM report in just 3 easy steps!

A small soil sample is all we need to test your growing environment.

Our soil analysis will provide colony counts of specific microbes capable of releasing insoluble nutrients and minerals in the soil in a format that is easy to read and interpret.

Use a durable Ziploc sealable bag
Label your bag with your Full Name, Company, Type of Sample, Location and Date
Fill your sample bag with roughly a pound of soil to be tested
Be sure to print out and include your order form when mailing your sample!


Collect Your Sample

Take a soil sample 4-6 inches below ground from 2 random locations in your zone of interest.  Place them into a plastic bag, zip tie, label and ship.

Note: For large acreage farms or for precision testing, it is best to submit a variety of representative samples from consistent locations and sites throughout the field.  Repeated sampling should be from the same locations if possible.


Place Order and Mail Sample

Go to our website, select the tests you need and place your order. Print out your order form and be sure to include that when you mail your sample. Mail your soil sample in a small box to our address.

EcoBiome Innovation Center
25143 Melda Road

Building C 102
Spring TX 77380


Receive The Results

In just a short time, we will email you a full report on the results of your soil sample.